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Govt, telcos urged to collaborate to meet global standards

By: Lucy Mensah
Mr Usen Antia — Director, Vobiss Solutions
Mr Usen Antia — Director, Vobiss Solutions

THE Director of the Vobiss Solutions, Mr Usen Antia, has called for collaboration between the government and telecommunication companies to meet the global technological communication standards.

That, he said, would bring an improvement in technology, thereby speeding the advancement of communication in the various sectors of the economy.

He added that although some telecommunication network providers were making progress in services, there were little interventions in the form of policy implementation which enabled telcos and investors to operate in the country.

Mr Antia said this at the 2018 Furukawa Broadband Systems training and showcase of products to the Ghanaian market which was held on July 6, 2018.

Recounting similar instances in some European countries, he said there were a lot of governmental support for broadband investment since technology was the future for education, governance, as well as huge investment into the future.Mr Antia said with government’s initiatives, moderate policy implementations and advice for both the already grown companies and growing companies could help them function well to meet international standards.

That, he said, would serve as source of employment for the citizenery, improve the standard of living, reduce poverty, generate revenue for the state through taxation and reduce over-dependence on government.

With this, he said the telecommunications operators should not compromise their activities but rather develop means of adopting the fibre network system which could reach the target customers at their various homes at a higher speed.

He added that with fibre network, “data is transferred using light sent down the cable. And Fibre Optic network is often used as an alternative to copper if the data is required to travel long distance at the higher speed.”

“Fibre network connection cannot be cut off from the industry so to bridge the technological  gap, Ghana should increase connections to the fibre. Currently, the country has more than half a million connected to fibre,” he said.

Mr Antia stated that with current speed to meet the growing demand of the customers, it was necessary for the Vobiss Solution and Furukawa Electrical Group to collaborate to educate the participants on the need to understand how internet service providers could engage in the huge investment from this industry.

“Our clients, stakeholders and the industry players have to know a lot about fibre network since our companies are now introduced this into the market and help them alongside”, he indicated

He said moving forward, it was estimated that the urban population would increase from five million to 10 million; hence, if strategic measures were not put in place, access to internet service would be scarce.

“We believe that internet access is a human right that citizens should enjoy without limitation or interruptions”, he indicated.

He, therefore, appealed to the government, stakeholders, industry players and the country as a whole to do everything necessary to get connected to the fibre network system. — GB