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FAO Ghana Office goes solar

By: Emmanuel Bruce
Dr Abebe Haile Gabriel (right) cutting the sod to launch the solar panel.

The Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) of the United Nations has installed a rooftop solar energy system to meet the electricity needs of its office in Ghana.

The solar panel, which is capable of generating 105KW of energy at full capacity, will be able to generate about 60-65 per cent of the organisation’s electricity demand.

Speaking at the launch, the FAO Assistant Director-General and Regional Representative for Africa, Dr Abebe Haile Gabriel, said the initiative further highlighted the commitment of the UN and FAO to climate action and championing green energy and technology.

He said the excess energy that would be generated by the solar panel would be added to the country’s national grid.

He said once the system was fully operational, it would be able to supply energy to Ghana's energy grid.

“At the moment, the system doesn't have a battery so it doesn't store energy that has been generated and during peak hours and weekends, the power that has been generated will be lost.

“We know that the ECG needs more electricity. And so we are informing them that there is excess capacity here at the FAO office which we'll be very happy to work with them to supply to the grid system,” he said.

Dr Abebe Haile Gabriel also noted that the FAO was ever ready to partner anybody who was ready to support in reducing the carbon footprint in Ghana and Africa as a whole.

“The message is that this is possible. It's not very expensive and when you compare with the investment and what you can save, you can get a high return in terms of saving and it is worth investing.

“For countries who have deficits in energy such as Ghana where it wants to really modernise its economy in Agriculture, Industry, and Services, this is the way to go. So this is a demonstration and we are very willing to share our experiences with others,” he stated.