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Choosing television in 2020; Samsung UHD TV presents better option

By: Maclean Kwofi
Only with Samsung UHD TV will you fully experience UHD

Growing up in the 90s, buying a television set was simple. My dad would drive to the local electronics store and pick the cheapest one.

He would transport it back home in his vehicle and proudly place it in front of the family living room sofa. We did not really care about specifications, mom for instance was just happy to watch her favourite television programmes.

Now, the buying experience has changed. Shoppers have higher quality standards. But with a multitude of options and technologies to choose from in the market, more homework is required.

Prospective television buyers in the 21st century now need to get up to speed on the latest technologies, understand and confidently make the right choice as a dad in the 90s.

UHD technology

As the industry keeps evolving manufacturers use similar acronyms to describe their best television brands such as the 4K television, otherwise known as the Ultra High Definition (UHD) television.

Not too long ago, full high definition was the sharpest picture consumers could get in the market. This brought four times as many pixels as HD.

But now, enter the 4K resolution, which has completely changed the level of visual detail and clarity consumers could expect from their television sets.

Whereas traditional HD is limited to 1920 vertical columns and 1080 horizontal rows of pixels, UHD television offers four times the resolution of HD TV. With eight million pixels, UHD television provide enough resolution to give viewers a picture worth watching.

The technology is already popular around the world, and almost all of the content providers in the world, such as film companies and streaming services, are now focusing their business on the UHD standard.

So the amount of UHD content is increasing significantly and trending. But, to enjoy the best experience, viewers need a television that can display images in perfect UHD quality and create an immersive viewing environment, so they can concentrate on watching the content.

Samsung present better option

Although there are other rival brands with UHD products, Samsung's UHD TV has proven to be the best option for the changing needs of consumers.

This means that for the last few years Samsung, the most popular TV-manufacturer in the world, has been branding its best TVs to lead competition.

With the UHD TV, the world of television has reached amazing new heights. Moving beyond functional needs, the stunning and huge display delivers an experience that is unreal and immersive.

And with simply breath taking resolution, which is framed in a unique and timeless design, the Samsung UHD TV provide a new form of fulfillment and pride in watching television.

Resolution display

It features a 4K resolution display that is filled with nothing but RGB colours, without mixing them with white. So it offer much sharper and clearer images as every single pixel is saturated in colour.

Users could connect to multiple devices using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connectivity with the television set.

So with this feature, when playing game, it automatically and instantly changes itself to game mode, which provides the perfect environment for gaming, with outstanding image quality and no stuttering, tearing, blurring or juddering.

Controlling connected devices

A user could control all of the TV functions and connected devices using the One Remote.

The television set connect to all kinds of media devices, such as cable TV boxes and game consoles.

They need multiple remote controls, but managing them could be a major headache, Samsung UHD TV neatly resolves this problem by controlling everything with the One Remote Control.

Television lovers also could easily watch all of their favourite entertainment and mobile content by using the Smart Hub to automatically detect and connect to any personal devices that are nearby.

It is for this reason why the Samsung UHD TV is far superior to its competitors.