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Busy Internet commits to help curb spread of COVID-19

By: Mclean Kwofi
Ms Rosy Fynn, CEO, Busy Internet

An internet service provider, Busy Internet has committed itself to support efforts by the government to curb the spread of the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in the country.

As a result, the service provider said it had initiated programmes such as improved connectivity and strict observation of the protocols to protect staff and customers while ensuring business continuity.

A press release issued by the company on March 25 in Accra, observed that Busy appreciates the challenges customers were facing and was taking steps to ensure that the stay at home was comfortable, seamless and painless.

"To achieve this, the following initiatives have been taken. Some may be familiar while others may be new. Nonetheless, Busy believes that these services will help customers stay safe and connected during these uncertain times," it said.

Online services
According to release, the company's online services, which includes home delivery, will be free of charge during this period. Customers can order their busy device or accessories online.

"Our Busy App and USSD Code is also available for customers to top up online. Customers can make payments on the app with their visa cards or mobile money.

"Additionally, Busy data bundles can also be purchased via our third-party partners. Bundles can be purchased on the ExpressPay, SlydePay and Hubtel apps. We have activated a new service on our USSD to help customers find their data number.

"In keeping with social distancing and to guarantee the safety and wellbeing of staff, Busy has implemented a work-from-home programme with just a skeletal staff at the head office to attend to critical matters.

"All non-essential meetings at Busy have been cancelled with only essential and critical meetings to be held online via Zoom or Skype. We encourage our partners to book meetings using this medium," it said.

Retail outlets
Although its retail outlets may remain open, the company encouraged customers to transact business online and those who visit its outlets would be required to sanitise their hands.

The release said the staff have been equipped with gloves and masks to keep themselves and customers safe.

"We strongly encourage customers who visit our outlets to make payments via mobile money or visa/mastercard debit and credit cards.

"Also, customers are advised not to purchase physical top up vouchers and should insist on electronic vouchers. Though internet has become an essential part of everyday life, we do appreciate the fact that it may be expensive for some customers to have connectivity installed at their homes. We have therefore introduced the Rent-A-Mifi programme."

With this, it said customers could rent a mifi for two weeks without worrying about broadband installation/set up fees. This rental scheme comes with unlimited internet.

"We have a range of unlimited internet packages to give customers peace of mind as they work from home. Also, students at home can benefit from uninterrupted internet connectivity as they study online."