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Leverage resources to create West Africa power pool

By: Jessica Acheampong
Professor George P. Hagan, (5th left), the Board Chairman of the Energy Commission, Mr Oscar Amonoo- Neizer, (4th left), Executive Secretary of the Energy Commission with others executives and media after the opening of the workshop.

The Director of Renewable Energy, Energy Efficiency and Climate Change at the Energy Commission, Mr Kofi Adu Agyarko, has said it is time for West African countries to pool their resources together to establish a power market.

He said the establishment of the power market, which had been a vision for a while now, if realised would help countries with strong power generation capacity to make their resources available in the pool for the less endowed ones.

“There is the need for us as West Africa to have our power system connected so that we can trade amongst ourselves. Some of us may have well-endowed resources in terms of power production where others may not have. So that provides the opportunity to trade power amongst ourselves,” he said at a workshop organised by the Energy Commission for its press corps over the weekend.

Although some West African countries were supplying power to other countries in isolated cases, pooling the resources and creating the power pool, he said, was a more viable option and would help improve energy access and socio-economic development in the sub-region.

West African Power Pool
The West African Power Pool (WAPP) is a cooperation of the national electricity companies in the sub-region.

Its mission is to integrate the national power systems into a unified regional electricity market with the ultimate goal of providing in the medium and long-term, a regular and reliable energy at competitive cost to the citizenry of the ECOWAS region.

Mr Agyarko explained that just as there was a platform for African countries to trade in other commodities, same can be applied to power.

Mr Agyarko said every country was expected to build its own infrastructure with support from developmental partners to have the system interconnected.

Public education
The Energy Commission has started a series of public awareness campaign on energy and its related issues in the country.

The campaign is aimed at creating awareness and getting the public informed on energy related matters considering its importance.

The Board Chairman of the Commission, Professor George P. Hagan said it was important to get the public educated and informed on energy issues.

He said the workshop for the media was part of the campaign and this is expected to help enhance their knowledge of energy and energy related issues.

“We hope that over time an active group of media men and women would see energy reporting as their professional specialty,” he said.

The Executive Secretary of the Energy Commission, Ing Oscar Amonoo- Neizer said the commission remained committed to ensuring the media was on top of issues in the energy sector, hence the need to get them well-informed.

He said the workshop also provided the platform for future collaborations between the commission and the media.

The two-day workshop brought together journalists with speciality in energy reporting from various media houses.