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Spotlight on development minerals in Ghana

By: Ofosu -Peasah Gideon
The writer
The writer

As a country we must give equal attention to harness the full benefits of “Development Minerals” like what pertains to gold, bauxite, manganese, and diamonds because of its great potential for providing jobs, enhancing economic growth and improving the nations trade balance.

Development minerals?
By definition, the African Caribbean Pacific(ACP) and the European Union (EU) define Development Minerals as all minerals that are mined, processed, manufactured and mostly used in the domestic economy without exporting but used in sectors such as construction, industry, tourism and agriculture sectors. In the past, these minerals were termed as low-value minerals due to its low price per mass and its underestimated potential to boost economic growth and create jobs.

Examples of Development Minerals include but not limited to;
Construction minerals: chalk, limestone, dolomite, brick clay, gypsum, slate, building stone, sand, marble, gravel;