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Miniplast ltd signs OCS pledge

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From left: Mr Daniel Tornyigah, Ms Sophis Kwashie, Mr Maxwell Ankwah, Ms Bisssan Ghanem, Ms Angelina Ohene and Ms Nicloe Gibson, some trainees.
From left: Mr Daniel Tornyigah, Ms Sophis Kwashie, Mr Maxwell Ankwah, Ms Bisssan Ghanem, Ms Angelina Ohene and Ms Nicloe Gibson, some trainees.

Miniplast Limited has become the first plastic manufacturing and recycling company in Ghana to sign the Operation Clean Sweep (OCS) international pledge. This pledge and program focuses on plastic material containment for optimum profit and a clean environment.

The program was organised by the Federation of Plastic Manufacturers Recyclers and Users, Ghana (FePMRUG); they are the internationally accredited local representative of the World Plastic Council and Global Plastic Alliance Action Team in Ghana to offer the training and a plastics advocacy group.

A media release issued in Accra by Miniplast Ltd, said as an industry leader, it has now taken the lead on the OCS commitment. As the first company to complete the training in Ghana and in West Africa, Miniplast has taken a measured effort to contain and stop the spread of plastic resins from reaching ocean and marine environments.

Miniplast Ltd has over 30 years of experience in Ghana, and is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company that manufactures industrial and household items made with recycled and virgin plastics.

It prides itself on making sure their production has a limited impact on the environment and understands how professional, educational, and critical the training with FePMRUG was to reduce resin spills.

The OCS training covered a variety of themes from prevention to containment, and came with a resource book to help guide the implementation of processes learned.

The training conducted by FePMRUG is especially important and effectively equips those who participate in the training to contain the spread of these resins, which are otherwise known as microplastics. When these microplastics enter into the ocean environment, the aquatic life perceives them as edible food which then clogs their digestive and reproductive systems, impeding their reproductive rate and causing their mortality.

Participating in the OCS training was a giant step in a positive direction by Miniplast Ltd to reduce significantly the extent of material resource that migrates into the sea.

The Director of Policy and Sustainability of FePMRUG, Mr Daniel Yaw Tornyigah, commended Miniplast Ltd for being a leader in this important cause, and encouraged other plastics converter companies in Ghana to also undertake the training and equip their workforce with the requisite knowledge in plastic resource containment.

He encouraged the participants to be great trainers in their establishment and ambassadors for the OCS program in Ghana.

Participants were given the requisite manuals, checklist, certificates and all resource books for their task.