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Leaders must invest in defining their leadership purpose … for superior

By: Robert Bennin, APTD, CFA, MID, MSc, B.A, Dip.

Leading with purpose is important to unlocking higher levels of motivation and commitment that leaders complain is lacking in their teams. Research on organisational effectiveness suggests that the lack of leadership purpose is one of the main reasons for underperformance in many organisations. Defining your leadership purpose is so critical to leadership effectiveness. Unfortunately many leaders get to work every day busy and so neglect to answer the question: What’s the purpose?  Many leaders say the purpose of their leadership is to “get results”. This leads to the question; what results and for whom? Some say they want to “create change.”.The question then is; what change and in whose interest?

What is the purpose for leading your team?
A team leader’s purpose goes beyond achieving targets and tasks set out for the team. As a leader, you have responsibility in many ways than one. You are responsible for each individual team member’s performance,